We ordered some books that are related to the project. We plan to take notes and share thoughts on time and technology over the next few months. We are especially interested in French philosophers such as Bernard Stiegler and Gilbert Simondon as well as non-academic thinkers.

For the past few weeks, E Roon and I have been working with Nick Irvin, our research assistant for the project, on rewriting our project description and conceptualizing the direction of the project. Thanks to Nick, we have been able to make visibile progress. After many revisions, we collected a glossary of words and phrases to define some ambigious points in project description. Making the list of terms also provided an opportunity to engage in conversations about the project from different perspectives. Below is a preliminary list of glossary. To view our live working document of the full list, check out this hackpad.

To form and to name


Inventory of times


Sense of place

Roon drawing time and space coordinates.

Me with glossary on whiteboard. The board says Kickstarter because we are working in part at Orbital on 155 Rivington street, which used to be Kickstarter HQ.

Nick taking picture of this drawing.

“Jet lag describes the site of love as time in which one is alone, e.g. awake alone in the night, socially less compatible and in this time-space of aloneness one can love and be loved without a division of self and the other.” From “Towards Haegue Yang’s Blind Rooms” by Max Andrews.

Inventory of times.

Coordinates, symbols and metrics.